Is It Possible to Feel the Bed Bugs Crawling on the Skin?

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Bed bugs are one of the most frustrating pesticides. Other than offering uneasiness, it is also a tricky one. It is small and usually hides in the narrow spaces. Honestly, it is difficult to distinguish a bed bug at home. But unfortunately, it does not change the fact that it can still spread diseases. And dealing with bed bugs is not as easy as it seems. But how is it considered “tricky?” Well, most of the time, bed bugs crawl out to us secretly. We would finally feel it when we started to feel itchy. That is how tricky it is. So the London Ontario Bed Bugs provide an accurate response if we feel the crawl of bed bugs in our skin.

Can You Feel Bed Bugs Walking on You?

Honestly, it is difficult to feel the bed bugs crawling in our skin. It is small and lightweight, so it is trickier to consider. On the other hand, it is hard to detect bed bugs at home unless you have sensitive skin. That is why it is the most common basis. But it still depends on the situation. Furthermore, here are the different factors you might consider. 

1.Skin Sensitivity 

The more sensitive the skin is, the easier it is to feel the bed bugs. Sensitive skin mostly felt the bed bugs crawling out in their skin. However, older people are more likely to have strong sensations rather than the younger one. 

It also includes the sensitivity of certain areas of our body. For example, palm hands are more sensitive than the back. So it would be so hard for us to feel the bed bugs if it crawled in our back. 

2. Awake vs. Sleep 

It has a high possibility to feel the bed bugs when we are awake rather than sleeping. But unfortunately, bed bugs usually come out at night. It crawls out to us while sleeping because it increases the chance that they are not being disturbed. 

In conclusion, these are the factors that we could feel the bedbugs in our skin. It is when we are awake and if our skin is sensitive enough to feel it. So if you caught a bed bug at home, take immediate action by contacting a London Ontario bed bug control. 

If you still can’t figure it out, there are the symptoms of bed bugs problems. Check this out. 

Symptoms of a Bed Bugs Problem

Red Marks

Red marks are one of the symptoms of a bed bug problem. Bed bugs leave a mark on the skin, and usually in the arms or shoulders. That is why most of the time, when we wake up, we will find out there are marks on our skin. And it is probably caused by bed bugs. 

Unpleasant Odor 

Bed bugs release pheromones, and it smells strong. Therefore, if you smell an unpleasant odor at your home, it is better to hire pest control London Ontario nearby. 

Inspect the Room

If you want to be protected from the bed bugs, it is better to inspect the room instead. You can hire professionals to do the inspection all over your home. However, it is difficult to figure out and to see bed bugs. So seek assistance instead. 

London Ontario Bed Bugs

Need to get rid of bed bugs? Find bed bugs control nearby like the London Ontario Bed Bugs. It offers bed bugs control, exterminator, and inspection too. Crawling bed bugs is dangerous, so protect yourself with the help of these professionals. 

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