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Stop seeking for pest control near me because you arrived on the right site for you. Bees and wasps Pest Control London Ontario can help you with any pest issues in your home and workplace. Our services cover many species of insects and that includes bees and wasps. Though these critters are becoming endangered, they can still be a threat to anyone in your family and coworkers. But, our London exterminator company has effective and rapid pest control methods that can preserve these insects for conservation. If you are near the area of London, our workers can reach and help you with any pest issues you have. In case you want to know more about us, continue reading this information about our company’s services and related facts. 

Often times when people think of bees or wasps, they usally aren't pleasant thoughts. They usually associate them to the act of being stung and swelling up afterwards. Once they have a taste of your delicious food they tend to stick around even longer.  A type of wasp that people often mistake for bees are called yellowjackets. You may be wondering, what is the difference between bees and wasp? Keep on reading to find out. 

Differences Between Bees and Wasps

Bees can only sting once and once they do it is fatal to them. Wasp on the other hand can sting multple times and keep on buzzing around afterwards. It is easy to confuse the two because they are both similar in shape and both are yellow and black. Bees are often covered in a small coat of hair while wasps are more smooth on the outside. Wasps usually have a thin waist, perfect for hunting. Bees are rounder because they generally hop from flower to flower.

Common types of Bees

  1. honey bees
  2. bumble bees
  3. leafcutter and mason bees
  4. digger bees
  5. carpenter bees
  6. mining bees
  7. plasterer bees
  8. wool carder bees
  9. flower bees
  10. stingless bees
  11. long-horned bees

Common types of wasp

  • hornets
  • paper wasps
  • yellow jackets
Choose our London Pest Control Company 

We, your number one London pest control services, are aware that bees and wasps contribute in many ways to our ecosystem. They are known to participate in many vital processes of nature. However, some bees & wasps live too near our houses and workplaces that they can cause harm to anyone. There can be a variety of ways, these insects can affect our health so we should be careful with them. For this reason, we modified our ways on how to treat them. For your information, here are some ways bees & wasps can harm us and we should act on it.

  • Both bees and wasps can sting people and can cause complications to their victims. Some suffer from allergic reactions. Some people who can be allergic to these insects that their sting can threaten their life. Around 50 to 100 people die every year due to severe bee and wasps attacks so we should take precautions on this matter.
  • Wasps could degrade the quality of wood in our houses and offices creating problems for us. This could lead to an early need for repair, even more, damage and harm to people. So to avoid endangering the integrity of your place, keep bees and wasps away from it.
  • Certain wasps also create harm than good to crops and other plants. They can be damaging to crop farms and gardens. That is why you should act early when you notice critter damage on your plants. 
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Bee and Wasp Exterminator London

Now you know the bad sides of bees & wasps, you should learn it is necessary to keep these creatures away. You should not allow these threats to happen before these occur. Well, worry no more because of London pest control services. Whenever you need our effective and rapid pest control services, we can give it to you. But, we know you want the best services so here are the reasons why you should choose our services:

  • Our company has the required materials, tools, and equipment for the job. With us, you will not need to provide anything related to our work. All you will do is wait for us to remove the bees and wasps near you.
  • We have the right people who can handle the job safely and properly. They are trained enough to make the task safe for everyone and completely effective.
  • The company methods are not harmful to anyone and applicable to any bees and wasps requests. They are also fast enough to prevent further bother to you.
  • Lastly, our company has affordable pest control services so that everyone who needs us can access our services. 
"Very friendly workers. From scheduling our apointment to executing the bee nest removal and clean up, everything went as smooth as a hornets body."